Las Vegas Review-Journal introduces a weekday video news program

Evelyn Mateos

Although the Las Vegas Review-Journal has been in the video making space since its studio started in 2017, the publication recently expanded into a new format: a cross-platform video newscast called 7 @ 7, a seven-minute broadcast that starts at 7 It is broadcast in the morning and at 7 pm

Editor-in-chief Glenn Cook stated that while they were already producing videos for news and regular programming (in partnership with Cox Cable) with the Las Vegas Raiders soccer team, they never produced a daily news product.

“We needed something different, innovative, new – something that was different from anything we had ever tried before,” he said. “It is both a consumer digital news game and an ad revenue game.”

7 @ 7, which debuted on January 18, covers local news like weather, sports, lifestyle, politics, and breaking news. It currently has three anchors: Renee Summerour, Jenn Auh, and Cassie Soto. The program can be streamed on request on, the news app Review-Journal and on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Apple TV and Amazon Alexa and displayed if necessary.

To decide on the time slots, Jim Prather, executive director of programming stated that the review journal was researching and talking to Las Vegas residents. Their efforts showed that the audience was available and ready to watch a program from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. and from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Cook added that the number seven is also of great importance as a lucky number in Las Vegas.

Chase Rankin, senior vice president of sales and marketing, said that while 7 @ 7 does not feature commercial airtime, it does offer sponsors name recognition and logo placement in the segments they support. The newscast is formatted for a partner for presenting sponsor, studio sponsor and eight sponsors of the news segment. Since the start, the review journal has been able to win new customers and exceed the Q1 and Q2 targets in terms of the contractually agreed income.

“7 @ 7 continues to be well received and we get positive feedback every day,” said Rankin. “Overall, our sponsors see the value of the partnership and are impressed by the quality of the news broadcast. The concept of getting the news from the most trusted news source on the market in seven minutes with no on-demand advertising has been a huge success. “

According to Rankin, video views increased nearly 10 percent in the first week of launch, and they expect the number to keep increasing. The newspaper expects its video growth to be 25 percent over the course of the year due to the 7 @ 7 initiative. Currently, Facebook and YouTube are the most popular platforms for streaming the news broadcast.

Today’s news consumers are very much in a “disruption phase,” said Prather, which is why an initiative like 7 @ 7 is so important. “We need to be able to identify what is important to them and deliver that and deliver the messages they need to know.”

In addition, the changing media landscape requires publishers to keep changing. “Your survival depends on keeping up with these changes,” Cook said. “You have no choice but to innovate and adapt and if you don’t, you will be out of business.”

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