Las Vegas Revitalization: Transform the Downtown Desert Into a Thriving News Community


Fremont Street – downtown Las Vegas night in 1952. With the former neon signs of the Golden Nugget Casino to the left and the neon-colored Vegas Vic Cowboy in the distance. Image taken by Edward N. Edstrom. Courtesy Gary B. Edstrom via Wiki Commons

Eric Strain, Architect and Associate Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, shared his goals and prospects for revitalizing downtown Las Vegas at this year’s AIA conference. During his lecture, Strain emphasized the development dynamics that Las Vegas has brewed. Much of his presentation focused on the importance of creating a stronger community off the Strip.

Strain asked the audience: “What is missing in the city center?” He went on and asked, “How do we get housing downtown?” Initiatives to transform urban spaces like legendary East Fremont Street into a thriving community have been a constant topic of discussion over the years. With the announcement by large companies like Zappos that they are opening a headquarters in the city center, the plan is to restore and restore a new pledge to urban infrastructure.

In his brief presentation, Strain mentioned the growing economic potential of downtown Las Vegas and the hope of attracting people to the city. Part of his closing remarks dealt with topics such as green spaces, the current water crisis and what it means to live and build in hot desert areas.

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