Las Vegas Senior Facility Proprietor Charged with Resident Abuse

The owner and an employee of a senior citizen facility in Las Vegas were arrested earlier this month for molesting the elderly.

Ravette Taylor and Richard Cisneros, arrested on January 20, are each charged with seven cases of abuse of an elderly or vulnerable person, according to court records.

A certified nurse assistant who previously worked at The Ohana Independent Living Home called the police on January 13 to report that two elderly women had been sexually abused, beaten and over-treated at the elderly care facility. This comes from an arrest report from the Metropolitan Police Department. A week later, officers went home and spoke to Taylor, the owner, and Cisneros, an employee.

Police found eight residents, including a man with Parkinson’s disease who was completely immobile, another man who was blind, deaf and suffering from dementia, and six women who had advanced dementia. Taylor told police that neither she nor any other employee had any medical training, but that Cisneros was responsible for giving patients their medication.

In her interview with police, Taylor said she bought the house from a nurse in 2018. She told police that she hadn’t registered the property as a group home, which would allow her to care for patients with advanced needs due to the fire.The department told her it would cost $ 16,000 to keep the house on bring up to date. Instead, she registered it as an independent residential facility.

“She admitted that she was aware that residents needed high levels of care and admitted that her company did not provide the necessary care,” police said in the report. “When asked, she stated that she had never introduced herself as a health professional to the hospital social workers, but had never told the social workers that the previous owner was no longer affiliated with the business and that (Taylor) was not a health professional . ”

Cisneros told police he was unfamiliar with caring for patients who are immobile and unsure of how often they should change positions to avoid pressure ulcers. He said he usually moved patients once at the beginning and end of his shift.

The police edited the location of the house on the report, and the secretary of the State Department of Corporate Licensing had no record of the facility.

Cisneros was released without bail, and Taylor was released after putting on bail. The two are due to appear again in court on February 22nd.

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