Las Vegas Valley restaurants are responding to Clark County’s May 1 reopening plan with 80% capacity

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The approval of Clark County’s government leaders on a reopening plan to increase capacity from 50% to 80% and reduce social distance from six feet to three feet from May 1 also means one big boost for restaurants as they now will be able to operate at 80% capacity.

8 News Now spoke to the owners of two restaurants and they are ready to have more tables for diners.

“We have a very good reputation. Guest come in and [for] In order not to be able to accommodate them in our restaurant, we made them wait longer. They are frustrated and stop coming, ”said Jaime Franco, General Manager of Casa Don Juan.

Franco vividly remembers a 25% occupancy rate and says that it really affected everyone.

“The guests are very impressive,” he said. “We [have] got more guests. “

Despite the capacity expansion, the catering industry continues to face challenges.

“A lot of employees have been given other jobs because we fired them and one of the problems we’ve been facing is getting new employees on,” said Fanco.

Franco said the 80% early capacity, 3 foot social distancing, and elevation that allows up to 12 people per table would feel closer to the business they once knew.

“We’ll do Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, [it’s] Come and we’ll be 80% open. It’s great for us to have these mothers out there. “

Frankie Pepperoni, the owner of Frankie’s Uptown, “agrees and hopes for what is to come.

“Now that capacity is nearing 100, we can add a few more tables so we can accommodate more people,” Frankie said. “If we’re trying to get closer to where we started, we need more.”

“I don’t know if it will get back to normal, it will be the new normal because after everything we’ve been through it will be difficult to be the same again, but with everything we’ve learned, all the things who we have You have made us better, ”said Franco.

Starting May 3rd, Frankie’s Uptown has a 7-day schedule again.

Both restaurants have problems filling vacancies. The information you need to apply can be found in the 8 News Now job exchange.

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