LETTER: Las Vegas restaurants are struggling to find workers

According to an article in the Friday Review Journal, restaurants are clamoring for more help and waiters. Restaurants beg for workers and even offer bonuses. It seems that our generous government aid has spoiled the population for extensive relaxation.

I suggest restaurants set up half of their tables for self-service. Customers can come in and choose between regular waiter service or self-service where you check out and write what you want on a paper card. You take it to a special place at the counter to deposit your order. When it’s cooked and ready to be picked up, your order number will be announced or displayed on a screen for you to pick it up. Then pay at the checkout as usual when you have finished eating.

Many of us are used to this from the buffets. The restaurant could offer a discount incentive for this, maybe 10 to 15 percent. All of that and no tip required. I could go for that.

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