Man faces cargo after climbing airplane at Las Vegas airport

A man arrested after climbing the wing of an airplane at McCarran International Airport on Saturday is charged with trespassing, according to police.

Alejandro Carlson, 41, got on the wing of the airliner as it prepared for takeoff at around 1:35 p.m., according to a statement by the Metropolitan Police Department on Monday. The video of the incident, recorded by a passenger on the plane, has now gone viral.

Seemed like an interesting day at McCarran’s. #vegas

– Mick Akers (@mickakers) December 13, 2020

Police said Carlson eventually fell off the wing. He was taken into custody and taken to the university hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

“He was booked in absentia for disregarding the safety of people or property and for trespassing,” police said.

Carlson is homeless and mentally ill, police said. He has scheduled a trial for Tuesday morning, prison records show.

“At no time were passengers on board the plane in danger,” said the police. “This seems to be an isolated incident.”

Authorities said Carlson climbed a fence in McCarran to gain access to the airport’s tarmac. McCarran spokesman Joe Rajchel said there was barbed wire on the fences around the airport and that “this was detected while climbing the fence”, resulting in a quick response from law enforcement agencies.

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