Man will get parole for attacking veteran in Las Vegas bus

A man from north Las Vegas who hit a military veteran on a public bus last year and lost his right eye in the process has had to wait up to five years for the attack to be suspended.

Nathaniel Graves was convicted on November 30th by District Judge Kathleen Delaney. He pleaded guilty to the battery in July, causing serious bodily harm to a victim aged 60 and over.

Graves hit 64-year-old Roger Conant on December 13, 2019 at around 5:15 p.m. on a Regional Transportation Commission bus. The attack was captured on a bus surveillance video.

Conant got on the bus at Shadow Lane near Charleston and Martin Luther King Boulevards and told police that he had tried to find a seat in the back of the bus.

Graves sat next to him with a bag and his feet rested on the seat across the aisle, and Conant asked Graves to move his legs so he could sit down. Graves followed first, according to his arrest report.

The security video shows Conant across from Graves, who put his feet on Conant’s lap. When Graves refused to move his feet, the veteran repelled them, the report said. Graves kicked his feet back up and said, “If you touch her again I’ll hit your ass!”

After Conant brushed Graves’ feet a second time, Graves got up, as the video shows. He slapped Conant in the face, pulled him into a standing position, slapped him again in the face, and threw him to the ground. Then he gathered his things and got off the bus.

Graves was 26 when he was arrested in January. He was detained for eight months before he was sentenced.

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