Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Las Vegas shot a part of the anti-gun conspiracy

WASHINGTON – Nevada Rep. Dina Titus Friday called for the expulsion of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia after a video emerged claiming the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas was part of a conspiracy to bring about Republicans to get them to give up their weapons.

Titus sponsored a brief resolution calling on the House to expel Greene under Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution. The House would have to get two-thirds of the vote, or 290 members, to remove Greene.

“Congressman Greene has encouraged the execution of politicians who disagree with her,” Titus said in a statement. “Your presence on the floor of the house is a legitimate security concern. She made the crazy claim that October 1st – the darkest day in our city’s history – was a government plan. The victims’ families, survivors, and our first responders deserve far better than letting this hideous ignorance spit out in the convention halls. She has openly taken up similar nefarious conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Parkland School shooting.

Republican Greene commented on a video identifying herself as a member of an organization called American Truth Seekers. It is not clear when the video was made.

Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi on Thursday increased pressure on House Republican leaders to deal with the controversial GOP newbie, denouncing a legislature Pelosi says made fun of killing young children accepted into the Chamber’s Education Committee.

Pelosi referred to social media posts from Media Matters for America, a liberal monitoring group in which Greene introduced conspiracy theories or “popular” posts questioning the veracity of mass shootings at schools in Newtown, Connecticut and Parkland, Florida.

“Assign her to the education committee for making fun of killing young children,” Pelosi said of Republican leaders, “what could they think or think too generously of a word for what they might do”. “It’s absolutely horrific.”

In a statement to Axios, a spokesman for the Republican leader of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy called the items “deeply worrying” and said McCarthy “plans to speak to the Congressman about them”.

This is a developing story. Check for updates again.

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