Mask Confusion: Las Vegas restaurants differ in the details of the CDC guidelines below

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – While other retailers like Target, Walmart, and even Costco follow CDC guidelines, many people aren’t sure what to do when they go to restaurants.

Some restaurant owners rely on an honor system.

In Gaetanos Ristorante on Eastern Avenue near St. Rose Parkway, vaccinated people have removed their masks. And some are still wearing masks.

The restaurant owners trust their customers when they choose to have dinner.

Owner Nicholas Palmeri says Gaetano’s went to great lengths to ensure staff and guests are safe and that all Southern Nevada Health District and CDC regulations are followed.

“For example, our employees who are vaccinated do not have to wear a mask,” said Palmeri.

“The majority of my employees have been with me for over seven years and they are like family,” he said.

With the new mask guidelines, last weekend was definitely a test of what people feel comfortable with. Palmeri says some guests were still wearing masks. Others had them off.

He hopes they are safe.

Bryan Wachter of the Retail Association of Nevada published this statement:

We saw the best of success in implementing COVID regulations when all of our governments gave clear and concise directions. With the latest CDC mask withdrawal guidelines, our local governments failed to meet these new expectations, resulting in conflicting guidelines and enforcement at the state, local and individual retailer levels.

Technically, the law of the country in Clark County to this day is that masks are still required until the County Commission says otherwise. It is the position of the Retail Association of Nevada that COVID-19 guidelines should follow science; It’s time to step away from masks as the vaccines have significantly reduced transmission rates. We hope that local Nevada governments will quickly update their guidelines to reflect the CDC recommendation and resolve the confusion.

Bryan Wachter

Rodrigo Ibarra, vice president of Don Tortaco, says they are still not sure which protocol is best.

Customers want to know what to expect – do their favorite restaurants follow what other restaurants do? Rely on an honor system?

Both restaurant owners said they didn’t necessarily see more revenue over the past weekend, but they did notice more people were out enjoying themselves.

Smith’s Food and Drug had this today following our recent policy report at various retailers:

At this point in time, the Kroger corporate family continues to require that everyone in our branches wear masks. We’re promoting and promoting employee vaccination by offering a one-time payment of $ 100 to employees receiving recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. As throughout the pandemic, we are reviewing current safety practices, the latest guidance from the CDC, and soliciting feedback from staff to guide the next phase of our policy.

In addition, we continue to encourage everyone to practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, and consider using touchless food delivery or touchless food collection.

Smith’s Food and Drug

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