Mobile Immunization Units Hit Small US Cities To Boost Immunity | COVID-19 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Fallon, Nevada (AP) – A pickup truck driver drives to a white trailer in a parking lot in the Fallon Paiuteshoshoné countryside in the high desert of Nevada, where he is injected with the coronavirus vaccine for signature within minutes. I handed the form and sent it on my way.

The pop-up clinic, 60 miles east of Reno, is a state where the Federal Emergency Management Agency has dispatched a mobile vaccination unit to vaccinate remote rural residents and one of the unsigned cities. It is one of 28 locations within.

This is one of the tactics used by health officials nationwide to counter declining interest in vaccinations. Even in small towns, churches, baseball stadiums, strip clubs, and even marijuana stores, authorities are opening stores and providing incentives to seduce those fighting for herd immunity.

Nevada health officials acknowledge that the initial goal of vaccinating 75% of the population that would be required to achieve herd immunity is unlikely. Ironically, their northern Nevada operations are headquartered at the Reno Livestock Event Center, which is attended by 65-year-old Dan Raybury and others.

Raybury said she shed tears in gratitude for the nurses who vaccinated her.

“I’m so grateful that I volunteered for taking the time to get us back to normal so we can shop at the mall and go to the Lake Tahoe beaches,” says Work in One large cardboard shop. said Raybury. At the adjacent spark. Waiting for the vaccination had nothing to do with safety concerns or suspicion of the government, he said.

“It was a schedule and my middle name is procrastinating,” said Raybury.

Two FEMA mobile trailers drive through Nevada to a city with no pharmacies, clinics, or other vaccination facilities, making it difficult for residents to find vaccines for doctors, nurses, and National Guardsmen. You can see the local and tribal communities right away.

“That is our philosophy. It doesn’t make a difference between two and 200 people, ”said Peggy Franklin, a volunteer nurse who traveled with the FEMA trailer to Fallon, Alamo, Panaka and other cities.

To store the vaccine, the trailer is equipped with an ultra-low temperature freezer powered by a mobile generator. On Monday, the two mobile clinics completed a six-week loop through Nevada, including returning to complete two-shot treatment in a state that spans the area from Boston to Baltimore and Buffalo, NY. did.

The original goal was to vaccinate 250 people a day at each stop. However, the number is changing as the supply of vaccines increases and the demand decreases.

“Up until a month ago, people were still struggling to find a place to vaccinate. The situation has really changed in the last three or four weeks. Now find people who are reluctant to get vaccinated. “Says Mark Reynolds, a Fallon doctor who volunteers at a local mobile clinic and state prison in the United States.”

The clinic has provided 7,600 exposures on two tours of Nevada and is also used in Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, and other states. Dave Foggerson, chief of crisis management in Nevada, said the people who live in the state’s remote communities “likely would not have been resolved in any other way.”

Gerlach, for example, is 160 km from the nearest pharmacy in Reno-Sparks. With only 34 inhabitants, there was once a rapidly growing gypsum mine on the edge of the desert, with 80,000 visitors annually to the Burning Man Festival. This desolate landscape was featured in this year’s Oscar-winning film Nomadland.

Almost half of Nevada’s eligible population have at least the first vaccination against COVID-19. However, the prices vary geographically.

In Las Vegas and Reno’s hometowns of Clark and Washoe Counties, the state reported that about half of those qualified received at least one dose. The circles Eureka and Elko had about half the incidence. In contrast, only 15% in Story County.

Authorities admit that convincing people who are reluctant to get vaccinated is not easy as the infection rate drops and the state moves further away from the prime of the pandemic. As a result, following FEMA’s efforts, authorities are preparing similar pop-up events in bohemian locations in urban areas and suburbs, from the Las Vegas Strip Club to the Sparks Truck Stop along Interstate Road leading to Utah. I did it.

“It’s important that the people running the vaccination event look like a community,” said Jeanne Freeman of Carson City Health and Welfare Services. “Comfort is important. Sometimes I’m just in a familiar place. “

Nevada has long struggled with some of the worst vaccination rates in the country. Last year was the fifth worst result, according to the CDC, with 42% of adults vaccinated against the flu. Some of the current outreach activities are targeting 340,000 people who have been vaccinated against influenza but not yet vaccinated against COVID-19.

Nevada is refining its message based on a better understanding of why some people are reluctant to take pictures. So far, the focus has been on cultural and historical barriers that make certain groups less susceptible to vaccination, but can lead to simple convenience for many.

“A lot of people are not against vaccinations, they are just not suitable for everyday use,” said Carissa Roper, director of the Nevada Department of Child and Family Welfare. “We are working with all of our partners to make mobile and pop-up clinics a reality.”

Jackie Shelton, vice president of a Nevada-hired public relations firm to promote vaccination fairness and outreach, said the latest ad campaign is “People Like You, The Vaccinated Companions.” And show the reason. “

“People don’t want to be told what to do, but I love to see friends and others talk about why they’re doing it,” she said. Is personable and reminds people of what they missed and what they could get back during the pandemic. “

Future promotional ideas include a raffle open to fully vaccinated residents through July 4th. States like Colorado, Maryland, Ohio, New York, and Oregon are already offering people lottery prizes close to $ 5 million.

Immunize Nevada plans to vaccinate stolen items like water bottles in breweries, churches and parks targeting specific populations and holidays like June 10th. I plan.

In Reno, shots have been offered in a minor league baseball game, and the University of Nevada School of Medicine Medical Social Justice League will sponsor a clinic in a Catholic church with large Latin American supporters on Saturday.

“We have to meet them wherever they are and where they feel safe,” Diana Sande, a spokeswoman for the university’s Department of Community Health Sciences, told the Latin American community. He talked about public relations.

Kira Morgan, Nevada’s chief biostatistician, suggests that the state may not be able to meet its original goal of vaccinating 75% of the population.

Still, the community may still be able to return to normal even if the thresholds required for herd immunity have not been met, added Dr. Nancy Diao, director of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Preparedness, Washoe County added.

“If we can get a sufficiently high population level, say 60 or 70%, it may be enough for our community to reduce the number dramatically,” she said. This virus can coexist with us. As with many other diseases, it is in balance. “


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