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Sadiq Khan’s “London Outer Tax” puts tens of thousands of jobs at risk

Tens of thousands of jobs are at risk from Sadiq Khan’s plans for a tax outside London, warns Shory Bailey, Tory mayoral candidate. The Mayor of Labor plans to charge people a minimum daily fee of £ 3.50 to enter London to raise funds for transporting money to London. However, the indictment, dubbed “Checkpoint Chigwell” by its critics, will hit those commuting to London and local tourists arriving in the capital with 40,000 jobs at risk. Internal TfL estimates put the Greater London Border Fee – when charged at £ 3.50 per day and only applicable to non-Londoners – the total number of weekday car journeys across the GLA border by 10-15 Percent could reduce. This could result in £ 2.6 billion in damage to the London tourist industry or nearly 40,000 jobs, according to conservative analysis. The outer London indictment has proved to be a touchstone in London’s mayoral election as millions of people have been charged with driving to the capital’s suburbs. Tory London candidate Shory Bailey said: “As London recovers from the pandemic, the last thing we need is another tax that will hurt businesses. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Sadiq Khan’s outside London tax will do.

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