Nevada, Metropolis of Las Vegas high-quality eating places, bars for non-compliance with the obligatory masks order

State and local authorities continue to screen companies to determine whether employees and customers are complying with Nevada’s mandatory mask ordering. Governor Steve Sisolak ordered all companies to require employees and customers to wear a mask indoors and encouraged them to be masked outdoors if it is not possible to maintain six feet of social distance on June 25.

The Nevada Labor Relations Department on Monday fined The Dillinger in Boulder City $ 4,858 for a “referral from local authorities finding persistent non-compliance.” OSHA officials in Nevada can fine companies up to $ 134,000 for non-compliance.

The inspectors visited 358 companies from July 16-17 and found 94 percent compliance in southern Nevada. The restaurants, which made 55 visits over those two days, were 98 percent compliant.

Since the mandatory Mask Ordinance went into effect on June 25, OSHA inspectors have visited 2,638 companies nationwide and found a compliance rate of 87 percent in northern Nevada and 82 percent in the south, according to 8 News Now.

The city of Las Vegas received 382 mask compliance complaints from June 25 to July 15, and issued 25 notices to companies not complying with the order. Taco de Barria at 827 Main Street received the city’s first notice on June 27, according to FOX 5. Classic Jewel at 353 E. Bonneville Avenue and Cat’s Meow at 450 Fremont Street received civil sentences for non-compliance on July 10th.

“Cat’s Meow is still open as it is licensed to serve food and fully compliant with government regulations,” Ryan Carlson, director of operations, told FOX 5 in a statement. “We can’t stop the party because of a little flu.”

Other restaurants and bars that have been notified of violations include Mariscos el Bigoton at 5068 E. Washington Avenue on July 10; the Plaza Hotel on 1 S. Main St. on July 10; ReBar at 1225 S. Main St. on July 10; and Omelet House at 2160 W. Charleston Blvd.

The city visited 1,351 companies in three weeks.

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