New menu concept introduced in Las Vegas

Poultry Game Hot Chicken brings a spicy taste as a popup.

By Debbie Hall

With the opening of the occupancy limits and new optimism, Alex Hobbs, head chef and owner, presented his concept Fowl Play during a popup in the Vegas Test Kitchen in Ferguson’s downtown on March 22nd.

“This is my personal concept,” explains Chef Alex. “I was born in Tennessee and this chicken recipe was created in Nashville.”

Fried chicken was served every Sunday and Chef Alex took his recipes and began transforming them as he learned while working in the food and beverage industry. He developed the concept about five years ago, and boss Alex wanted to master it before putting it up for sale.

The chicken is coated in a cayenne pepper flavor that is different from what is on offer in southern Nevada. The oil used to fry the chicken is mixed with cayenne pepper, garlic, and chili powder, and that’s what makes its flavors stand out. He’ll be offering french fries, allspice mac and cheese, and creamy coleslaw during the pop-up.

He’s also in talks with two possible locations for a stationary restaurant with an expanded menu, including its vegan Collard Greens. When he opens his new place, Chef Alex plans to offer a vegan hot chicken based on his unique recipes.

He admits that his first dream was to be a rock and roll star and started out in the food and beverage industry as a teenager to make money and eat for free. But 16 years later he is a chef and his passion is food. He moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to open a New York restaurant, New York Hotel and Casino in 2013. He loved Vegas and has been a resident since that move.

“I have a passion for food and want to create dishes that cannot be found here. I love Vegas, it’s my home and I want to give something back, ”says boss Alex.

Chef Alex plans to offer the dishes in future pop-ups while he works on his stationary restaurant. He will be showcasing Fowl Play Hot Chicken in a popup on March 22nd at the Vegas Test Kitchen in downtown Fergusons at 1020 Fremont Street, Las Vegas. For more information, visit and follow IG @fowlplayhotchicken.

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