North Las Vegas is selling the success of the City Micro Academy for college students

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – North Las Vegas is doing well at helping students through the COVID-19 pandemic with their Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy (SNUMA) programs.

SNUMA began in August when city guides were looking for an innovative way to get kids back into personal learning, according to a press release from North Las Vegas.

Among the achievements recorded during a press conference on Tuesday:

  • 78 percent of the children came below grade when reading; 62 percent are now at or above grade level.
  • 93 percent of the children got below grade in mathematics; 100 percent of the children are currently working with material that corresponds to at least the grade level.
  • 71 percent of children in third grade read below grade; 42 percent are now at grade level and 28 percent are above grade level; 85 percent have completed at least a year of growth since their initial rating.
  • 71 percent of third grade children tested in math under grade level. Currently, 57 percent work at the grade level and 43 percent above the grade level.

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The North Las Vegas City Council at its Wednesday meeting will consider extending SNUMA through the spring semester. Mayor John Lee and Councilor Goynes-Brown have urged the Clark County School District to immediately reopen schools to face-to-face learning.

Lee even got CCSD superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara asked to rent unused school buildings to the city and to allow school buses and drivers to be used so that north Las Vegas could reach more children.

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