Park MGM might grow to be the primary smoke-free Las Vegas Strip on line casino

Fresh, Recycled Air?

One of the nice things about poker is that smoking is not allowed in most live poker rooms. So when you spend the time you spend in a casino playing poker, you can breathe easy (relatively, considering that you are still in a casino with poker players). But the rest of the casino usually allows smoking, which can be a problem for people who want some entertainment on the casino floor but also want to care for pink lungs. Fortunately, to Las Vegas visitors it seems that a casino has a breathable atmosphere. If the signs recently discovered at Park MGM are correct, the casino may become the first smoke-free gaming house on the Las Vegas Strip.

Now, Park MGM, once known as Monte Carlo, is not yet open, although Nevada casinos are allowed to reopen on June 4th. However, it looks like the staff are preparing, especially due to the presence of a sign that someone could snap a photo of. I’m not sure where exactly it is on the property (I’d assume there are a lot of them), but it reads, “Let’s purify the air. Park MGM is smoke free. “

Rumor mill has stirred up

This doesn’t necessarily mean that smoking will be banned permanently, but it is a good guess. The day before the Nevada casinos reopened, Las Vegas lifestyle blog Vital Vegas reported that this was going to happen. And while it was just a rumor at the time, Vital Vegas tends to be right about these things.

The blog also cited a survey that MGM Resorts International sent out to members of the Loyalty Club asking for their thoughts on a smoke-free casino.

“The best players at Park MGM are already being contacted by their casino hosts to make sure they are cool with the no-smoking policy,” added Vital Vegas in early June.

But why should Park MGM quit smoking? First of all, why not? We cannot smoke in most of the indoor spaces. Why shouldn’t a casino make healthy choices? Second, while we hope people don’t wander around a COVID-19 infected casino, it sure does. Therefore, during a respiratory virus pandemic, it would be helpful to eliminate anything that can affect breathing.

And third, while some view the smoking ban as a competitive disadvantage (why go to Park MGM when you are allowed to go somewhere else and smoke), MGM Resorts might view this as a competitive advantage. Or at least be interested to try it out. Park MGM may be a nice place, but it doesn’t have the name, niche, or kitsch that other strip casinos have. Lady Gaga was supposed to be artist in residence in April and May, but that didn’t happen. Park MGM is likely aimed at attracting guests who are turned off by smoking everywhere else.

UNLV Gaming Research Professor Dr. Put it simply, David Schwartz said to KSNV, “Well, I think people who like to smoke while playing will be alienated. I think people who don’t like breathing smoke while playing will like it. “

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