Picasso in Las Vegas combines legendary art and world-class cuisine

It really is a special moment in Las Vegas when you get dressed and dine at Picasso. This lovely lakeside restaurant with an outside terrace where diners can see the famous Bellagio fountains has so many special parts that form a truly divine whole.

If you’re a fan of the artist, this place is home to some of his most eye-catching pieces. The stunning decor includes white linen tablecloths, dramatic drapes, and floor-to-ceiling windows with great views of the lake. Famous chef Julian Serrano’s menu is inspired by regional cuisine from Spain and France.

Recipes decorate meats like quail, roasted pigeon, fallow deer and lamb. Pescatarians will delight in Scottish salmon, U-10 day scallops, poached Maine lobster, poached oysters, and the popular sauteed black bass fillet served with a Spanish pistu and olive tapenade. Steak lovers can slide their fork and knife into Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon.

Handcrafted cocktails are offered at the small bar, and oenophiles are passionate about browsing the wine list, with over 1,500 choices in the restaurant’s wine cellar.

Bellagio, 702.693.8865

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