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Places Worth Photographing Las Vegas

Oct 5


Creative Photography

Las Vegas places worth photographing

If you are looking for the best Las Vegas photography, here is a list to help you. This article should help visitors find the best spots, regardless of whether they are looking for photos with our flashy lights or glamour. A photographer looking for great views from high above can find many opportunities near the Strip. However, they should avoid crowds at Fremont Street.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular photo destinations for shutterbugs because of its distinctive personality and year-round sunshine. There are many unique experiences to be had in Las Vegas, and visitors often bring cameras. We compiled a top-rated listing.

  1. The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas offers many picturesque locations for photography that will entice visitors to its main street.

Without a doubt, the famous Las Vegas Strip is one of the most photographed places in Las Vegas. This is also why so many people visit this sexy city. A constant sea of flashing lights provides a rich source of photogenic material, as every casino tries to outdo itself with its bold architecture, artistic decor, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. These elements create amazing photos such as these taken from vantage positions along the famed road stretch known as The Strip. Don't miss the opportunity to capture sightseeing. It is prohibited to use professional equipment while on the property. Feel free to use your smartphone camera!

  1. Dry Lake Bed

Vast barren landscapes spread out flat for miles in every direction. They are filled with dried, cracked Earth. The spiders stretch as far out as the eye can reach. Dry Lake Beds can be used as a backdrop for fashion photography, portraits, and wedding photography. There are usually only a handful of dirt bikes or four-wheelers that you will see, so it's a good thing to have at least one. One can be found just a few kilometers south of another in our Top Photography locations list.

  1. Clark County Wetlands Reserve:

This hidden gem is a wonderful spot for family and portrait photographers. The stunning paths weave among the many trees, shrubbery, tall types of grass to create a natural backdrop that changes with every turn. Although the park is open to everyone, it's often not accessible to locals or visitors. This means that you may have the entire park to yourself any time of the year. Bonus no entrance fee. Las Vegas Wetlands Park has been a favorite spot of ours. This hidden gem is perfect for family portrait photographers and nature photographers. It has beautiful paths that run through trees, high grass, and brushy vegetation. Every turn is a unique natural background. This location is often undiscovered and can be found by anyone.


No matter why you are visiting Las Vegas, you'll want to capture it in a great photo. There are so many amazing spots throughout the city. There are many great spots throughout the city, but depending on how much time you spend downtown, you may not be in a position to see it all in one day. We are not sure if it is because of time constraints or lack of options. Our list will guide anyone looking for Las Vegas photography, as well as memorable shots from their adventures at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.