Prepare for the traffic: Las Vegas is one of the top Memorial Day destinations

Memorial Day weekend should be very busy in Las Vegas as tourists are expected to flock to southern Nevada.

After a historically low turnout last year following the 78-day Las Vegas shutdown, a sense of normalcy is expected for the unofficial start of summer as southern Nevada is close to reopening 100 percent and travelers seem ready to hit the road again Street to go air.

AAA is forecasting a 60 percent increase in travel for this vacation weekend, with Las Vegas and Orlando being the top tourist destinations.

Pent-up demand, eased COVID-19 restrictions, and an increasing number of people being vaccinated have already resulted in a surge in the number of travelers from Southern California.

“Heavy traffic is expected on Memorial Day weekend, particularly along Interstate 15 and the Strip Resort Corridor,” said Tony Illia, spokesman for the Nevada Department of Transportation. “Although a complete return to a historically high number of visitors is unlikely, the volume of traffic in Primm has increased by 170 percent compared to the same period last year. And while it is not yet known what incremental traffic increases are likely to occur on this vacation, we encourage motorists to allow for additional travel time and plan accordingly when creating travel plans. “

AAA Nevada Projects 37 million people will be 50 miles or more from home on vacation, a 60 percent increase from 2020 when 23 million people traveled. According to Sergio Avila, spokesman for AAA Nevada, this clip was the lowest since AAA began tracking travel data in 2000.

If you want to miss the brunt of traffic jams next weekend, avoid driving in the afternoons of Thursday and Friday as the subway areas could travel twice as long as normal, according to Avila.

Planning ahead is recommended for anyone out of the area to ensure they are not caught off guard by the rules of the jurisdiction.

It doesn’t mean much to those traveling to Las Vegas as most of the city’s resorts operate their casinos at full capacity and no masks are required for those who are fully vaccinated.

The vacation weekend will be the last before Clark County drops its COVID reductions entirely as the area reopens 100 percent on June 1st.

Plan ahead

If you’re on the road on Memorial Day weekend, experts recommend making sure your vehicle is in good working order. suggests giving your vehicle a full inspection.

Test your battery: If your vehicle’s battery charge is below 12 volts or the terminals are noticeably damaged, it is recommended that you replace the battery.

Check air filter: To ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system works optimally, it is important to clean or change the air filters before a road trip.

Check tire pressure: Motorists should check the air pressure on their vehicle’s tires to ensure they are at the recommended level. Low tire pressures can result in reduced mileage and even a blowout while traveling, especially in the desert heat.

Be prepared: When traveling through areas with extreme temperatures, it is recommended that you pack extra water, snacks, a flashlight, and a blanket in case you are unexpectedly in an uninhabited area for an extended period of time.

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