Red Rice Restaurant that prepares authentic flavors from Guam, Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – This May we invite you to celebrate the contributions and heritage of local Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders!

Each week we will highlight some of the unique restaurants the AAPI community has to offer.

Wednesday 13th Action News highlights Red Rice where authentic Guam dishes are served.

“We’re one of the few restaurants in Vegas that actually serves Guam food,” said Chris Tenorio, owner of Red Rice.

Red Rice is a family run restaurant in Henderson serving warmth, soul and culture!

Guam is a US island in the western North Pacific and one of many islands that make up Micronesia!

People native to Guam are often considered Pacific islanders.

Tenorio says Guam food has a Spanish Fliapino influence.

But Red Rice serves authentic local recipes that have been passed down through the generations

Popular items include the Hafa Adai plate, which features an empanada chicken kelaguen and red rice.

If that doesn’t fill you up, dig into a latiya, a cake of custard topped with cinnamon or chamorro fritters!

In May, Tenorio looks forward to celebrating Asia-American Islanders’ Heritage Month in the Pacific at Red Rice, and everyone is welcome.

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