Roosters rescued for cockfighting in Las Vegas

More than 300 roosters used in the cockfight were rescued from a house in northeast Las Vegas on Friday, police said.

“One person is in custody on drug-related charges with further animal cruelty-related charges awaited,” a Metropolitan Police Department statement said. The house is on the 4000 block on Judson Avenue, police said.

“The sport involves trainers cutting off the rooster ‘s spurs and crest before forcing them to fight each other with sharp blades on their legs until one of the animals dies,” police said.

Many roosters had their combs and spurs removed, police said, and razors for their legs were found on the property.

In a statement, Marty Irby, executive director of Animal Wellness Action in Washington, DC, commended Metro and Clark County’s animal control officials for “saving hundreds of gamecocks today and shedding light on the horrific cockfighting practice that the US and US have continues to plague its territories. “

“The vast majority of wild cocks bred and raised in states like Nevada continue to be shipped around the globe, carrying horrific diseases like Newcastle disease and avian influenza,” the statement said. “Cockfight is not only inhuman and incomprehensible, but also a breeding ground for the next big pandemic like COVID-19. We urge the U.S. judiciary and state and local officials to act quickly and tough on those who wish to continue this barbaric blood sport. “

Anyone with information is asked to call Metro’s Animal Cruelty Department at 702-828-3364 or, to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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