Salt Bae opens restaurant in Las Vegas

Salt Bae is coming to Las Vegas. Internet sensation representatives confirm that the Turkish-born butcher, chef and restaurateur, real name Nusret Gökçe, plans to open an outpost of his Nusr-Et steakhouse chain in Las Vegas in the park on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Gökçe became famous through photos and videos on the internet in which he dramatically cuts, cooks and poses with pieces of meat. In his most famous (and most imitated) movement, he sprinkles salt from his fingertips over his forearm on a steak. An Instagram video of this move became an internet sensation and resulted in his nickname Salt Bae.

Gökçe operates steakhouses in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, New York, and Boston, which are known for their celebrity clientele, luxurious steaks, and unapologetically high prices. Steaks for one person in New York are reportedly costing anywhere from $ 70 to $ 275, and it has been known to coat some cuts with gold leaf.

When the chef’s representatives were contacted by the Review Journal about his plans for Las Vegas, they said, “We are happy to confirm that there will be a Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Las Vegas.” They also promised that “the chef (at ) will be present at the opening and personally accommodate the guests, as he always does. “

These representatives further confirmed that the restaurant will be located in the park near the T-Mobile Arena. Regarding the timing, the representatives only said, “We are working meticulously to make the opening as soon as possible” and encouraged fans to follow his Instagram account @nusr_et for more information.

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