Signs of Growth: Empty lots are becoming developments across north Las Vegas

NORDLAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Take a look around the valley and there is hardly an empty lot to be found. Construction is booming in North Las Vegas in particular.

A vacant lot near Carey and Martin Luther King Boulevard will soon accommodate retail space and restaurants.

Homeowners in the Carey and Revere area will soon just have to walk down the street to enjoy the new restaurants and shops that are being incorporated into this development.

So far, a nail salon and a soul food restaurant have signed a lease.

Agora Realty is overseeing the project and says a breakfast cafe and cell phone company are also interested.

Pat Meints lives directly behind the development in a new subdivision.

“Really happy to hear that they are building something there, it will reduce the noise and traffic and so on,” Meints said. “I am very happy as it is right behind me. It will be really nice to have a place to get my nails and have something to eat and to improve the area here. “

Renderings show parking lots and three large outdoor terraces.

Some of the rooms are ready for restaurants, which means that the tenant only needs their equipment and tables to open.

Councilor Pamela Goynes-Brown says they are working hard to develop these mature areas in north Las Vegas.

“Even in the middle of the pandemic, we’ve probably issued more permits than any other company in the state of Nevada,” said Councilor Goynes-Brown. “Basically there are no services that don’t require you to get into your own car and drive more than two or three miles away just to do basic things. So there is an urgent need for restaurants or service companies. “

Agora Realty expects construction to be completed in December or next January.

Councilor Goynes-Brown says these new developments will help boost the economy in north Las Vegas.

Others are planned near Carey and Losee, as well as Carey and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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