Tenants Still Waiting For CHAP Funds As The Eviction Crisis Looms – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada (KTNV) – Our home should be a safe place for us. But when you’re sitting in your living room and now facing possible evictions and wondering if you can get kicked out in a week or a month, that security can decrease.

Clark County states that assistance is available through the CARES Housing Assistance Program (CHAP), but those seeking rental assistance are already facing frustration.

“Only me and my wife are wheelchair bound and disabled,” said Rodney Fife. “She is currently in the hospital and much of it is due to the stress caused by the situation. We really have nowhere to go. “

Fife says he applied for CHAP in January. The program’s response took nearly four months and the response was rejected.

“They didn’t give any details. They didn’t even state where they did their calculations, ”Fife said. “We are three months late on the rent and try to pay as much as possible.”

CHAP is not available to all farmers. You must apply, submit financial and other documents, and adhere to strict income restrictions.

If you are approved, there is no timeframe for help to arrive.

Despite many questions at Thursday’s press conference, no one gave a definitive answer.

Many of the people we speak to have been stuck for months. And even if they are approved, they are still waiting for the caseworkers to be assigned and paid.

“We are still in an unmanageable process,” said Fife. “There is no way we can interfere. We paid as much as possible with our savings. We can see here. We don’t live a luxurious lifestyle at all. “

I am starting to benefit from some. So far this year, more than 400 households affected by farmer evictions have received $ 3 million through CHAP to keep their rents updated.

The landlord has the legal right to refuse participation in the program and instead proceed with the farmer eviction procedure. However, the participating landlord rents as long as he promises to cancel the eviction procedure for farmers and not to evict the tenant. Get the rent back. Failure to pay the rent for the next 60 days.

The most recent additional funding currently has around $ 160 million available in rental support, which is expected to be enough to support an additional 40,000 households.

What does it mean to Rodney and thousands of other people if the state’s eviction moratorium expires on May 31?

Governor Sisorak said in March:

“At the end of May, the Nevada Peasant Eviction Moratorium will end and CDC protection will apply for an additional 30 days. During these 30 days, the process of evacuating the farmers can be resumed in court, but the landlord remains protected. From the actual eviction to the end of the CDC moratorium. “

This means that the landlord can start filing eviction notices after May 31st, but in reality no one can lock until July 1st.

Renters like Rodney stay in the dark and want help from CHAP, which may never come.

“Well, who do you know, who doesn’t feel stressed?” Said Fife. “Who is going to lose sleep? Who is going to lose sleep, you know, you know, crying, angry and frustrated. And we are ready to lose our home. Finished. “

We know that when many fears are fulfilled, your concerns and doubts will double. We are already looking for answers and are working on continuous reporting.

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