The British family are building a cool Las Vegas-themed sports bar in the garden as a lockdown project lifestyle

If you can’t go to the bar, bring the bar to you!

This is exactly what a British family did as part of their lockdown project.

According to a report by Daily Star, the family of nine built a Las Vegas-themed sports bar in their backyard to hang out with.

A little family fun.

In the report, which quotes the family’s carpenter father, John O’Grady, O’Grady’s Bar has a pool table, three TVs, a game room, a jukebox, and kegs of draft beer.

The project, in which the entire family was involved, cost 252,951 RM.

Pretend play.

Just hang out.

“The Vegas-style sports bar has memorabilia from every place we’ve been.

“Most of our Friday and Saturday evenings are spent together as a family, while Sunday afternoons are reserved for watching football games,” he said.

He added that he was also helped by friends, one of whom is a graffiti artist and another of whom is delivering beer kegs.

What a cool idea!

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