The Las Vegas dancer talks about returning to the Las Vegas Strip

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A staple of Las Vegas since the 1950s. Dancers and showgirls are making a comeback after the pandemic hit the entertainment industry hard.

“As a performer, we felt like our identities were being stolen,” says Melissa Peterson, a performer in Las Vegas.

Melissa Peterson


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Shows, restaurants, and bars are slowly opening up, adding capacity on the Las Vegas Strip. Dancers who have been unemployed within a day look forward to doing what they love again.

Melissa, who grew up here in Vegas, knew she always wanted to dance.

“We train all our lives. This is our career,” said Peterson

Even if I only returned a limited amount in October, it wasn’t easy.

Peterson says, “The interaction is give and take. When the audience was 12 feet away it was very quiet. It almost felt like a rehearsal. We try to give everything except …”

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After that past year, she says anything can happen that prevents her from dancing all day.

“The meltdown was starting to come and I was like, ‘What should I do?’. This is my only thing. I’m going back to cosmetology school so soon. You have a feeling what if this ever happens again. I can always do still my shows and have another passion, “said Peterson

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