The Las Vegas meals firm companions with a socially distant marriage ceremony band on Sunny 106.5

“If you’re still wanting to say, ‘I know,’ a new, socially aloof wedding and dining package can be the way to turn those plans into reality with a little Las Vegas flair.

Taste Buzz Food Tours, a Las Vegas-based food tour company, is now partnering with The Little Vegas Chapel, a longtime Las Vegas wedding chapel, to offer lovers some safe options for a wedding and food tour during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Those who wish to marry according to safe COVID-19 guidelines can do so now by exchanging vows at Little Vegas Chapel.

Once you’ve tied the knot, you can book plans for a socially detached reception as part of a three-hour walking tour of the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.

Love birds also have the option of taking some of their guests with them and having a bite to eat in several restaurants during the tour.

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, restaurants are 35% busy with a 6 foot social distance between each table. All food tour guests must wear a mask throughout the tour, except for the times they eat.

Future newlyweds have one of two wedding and culinary packages to choose from.

The basic package, priced at $ 390, allows couples to exchange vows at Little Vegas Chapel, followed by a three-hour public walking tour of the Arts District.

The $ 899 deluxe package also includes the wedding ceremony at Little Vegas Chapel for the couple and their wedding reception (up to six guests). The group then goes on a three-hour private hiking tour together.

Couples can also add an Elvis Presley upgrade to their ceremony for $ 100, which also includes a performance. Couples upgraded to Elvis will also receive a copy of Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage certificates at the end of their ceremony.

The wedding and culinary packages include a chapel ceremony performed by a wedding official, an official marriage certificate, traditional wedding music, a fresh three-rose bouquet, professional photography, a private online photo gallery with five digital images, and a witness (if required provided)) and a wedding coordinator.

At the end of each ceremony, guests can celebrate their love with the Foodie Tour in the cultural hub of Las Vegas, complete with galleries, shops, venues, bars, and more.

Guests can book both wedding and culinary packages for a future date, subject to availability, by visiting “(KSNV)

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