The Las Vegas Membership information lawsuit after the intercourse dolls surgical procedure

A Fluid Gender Social Lifestyle Club that has rented space for a sex doll operation is suing Clark County in federal court for trying to keep its business license while the government tries to shut it down.

The studios, also known as Fluid Lifestyles Learning Center LLC, have been licensed as an educational institution since 2016. However, the central Las Vegas company made waves earlier this year after it was alleged that its property was also being used as an illegal sex club and sex doll brothel.

In the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court on Monday, the company accuses the county of violating its constitutional right to due process because a hearing scheduled for Thursday to revoke its business license lacks specific evidence, including the time and date, supplies to support allegations of illegality activity.

“You can give it to you at the hearing, which does not allow the company to defend itself,” said attorney Allen Lichtenstein, who represents the studios and compared the process to a “kangaroo court”.

He said Tuesday that the company plans to forego the hearing and instead take the case to court.

Sex doll operation

The county, including its business licensing division, has accused The Studios of running an illegal sex club and selling alcoholic beverages illegally, according to the court file on Monday.

However, the lawsuit also suggests yet another reason for the county’s efforts to shut it down that allegedly violates the company’s initial fitting rights: “Due to the often sexual nature of many of the educational topics examined at the studios.”

The county declined to comment on the lawsuit on Tuesday, but county spokesman Dan Kulin said the company “allegedly acted illegally outside the scope of its educational business license” and was in breach of Governor Steve’s emergency guidelines Sisolak in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

In February, the county told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the studios, 5150 S. Pecos Road, were being investigated for operating an unlicensed business.

Studio owner Joyce Judge said in February that Las Vegas Sex Dolls Experience rented retail space on the property from just before Christmas until the end of January and told her she was selling the dolls.

The Sex Dolls Experience gave customers time to interact with sex dolls in a private room at an undisclosed hourly rate. This is evident from the website, which saw several changes after the review journal contacted the company.

The Studios website shows rooms with beds, couches, televisions, at least one stripper bar, and bondage equipment.

The judge did not deny in February that the “social place for all beliefs” functions as a sex club, but said that “people who have sex do so in some private rooms”.

She also said film crews used the property despite not knowing that pornography was being filmed on the site.

The studios have been closed for several months during the coronavirus pandemic and, according to the lawsuit, have no fixed reopening date.

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