The Texas couple charged with shooting came to Las Vegas with a bag of guns.

A Texas couple arrested this week in a shooting on Las Vegas Boulevard that injured three people came into town with a “bag of guns,” police said Thursday.

Phillip Nichols, 25, and Ledaxjia Montgomery, 19, were arrested Wednesday after police said Nichols shot three people on Monday after fighting in a 7-Eleven on 1100 Las Vegas Blvd. South, according to a Metropolitan Police Department arrest report.

Investigators spoke to several witnesses, including two 17-year-olds who were in the car with the couple as they traveled to Las Vegas from Waco, Texas. The group wanted to go to California, but were staying at a motel near 7-Eleven when one of the teenagers reported to police that Nichols had gotten into an argument at the store.

Montgomery told police that when Nichols got outside he asked them to get one of his guns and he started walking down the boulevard and later driving when at least one person ran away from him. Montgomery reported that the group had “brought a bag of guns” from Texas.

The officers found three people shot and 21 cartridge cases at the scene. All were hospitalized, but none were seriously injured, the report said.

Experience 15 meters from gunshots

John Gist was buying boxes in a warehouse next to 7-Eleven when he heard someone yell, “Fight me, fight me.” When he turned to see the excitement, Gist said, Nichols went and shot a group of people running down the boulevard.

“One of the guys with him fell on the floor,” Gist said of the people who were running away from Nichols. “He was shot.”

Gist called the police and went to speak to a man at the bus stop who saw another person at the bus stop being shot multiple times. The witness gave a statement to police about the man he saw shot.

“I never thought I’d see someone 15 meters away firing a gun,” said Gist.

The group was later arrested after Nichols crashed into two vehicles near East Desert Inn Road and University Center Drive and Nichols, Montgomery, and the two teenagers tried to run away.

Police checked Nichols’ Texas file and determined that he was a felon wanted on a pending arrest warrant, but it was unclear what allegations he had previously been convicted of.

“Nichols said he knew it was illegal for him to own firearms as a criminal,” the police wrote in the arrest report. “Nichols bought all three firearms off the street and learned that the .40 caliber pistol was ‘stolen’ by the seller. Nichols traded methamphetamine for the AR in Arizona and acquired the 9mm in Texas before moving to Las Vegas. “

Nichols is charged with 18 counts including conspiracy to commit murder and battery, attempted murder, battery, assault, seven charges of unloading a gun in a prohibited area, and two charges of carrying a gun without permission. He is being held on bail for $ 250,000.

Montgomery is charged according to court records on 17 counts including attempted murder, child abuse, surrender of a gun in a prohibited area, battery, assault, disobedience to a police officer and conspiracy to commit murder and battery. She is being held on bail for $ 20,000.

The couple have scheduled a trial on Monday.

It was unclear whether the two teenagers would bring charges.

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