The warmer weather in Las Vegas is a boon to the outdoor life

Outdoor living is so popular across southern Nevada that the lines between it and indoor living are blurring. The design of outdoor furniture is similar to that of indoor furniture, which maintains a uniform appearance, as inner courtyards are often visible from the inside. The material for garden furniture is made of sunproof fabrics that won’t bleach or fade, as well as furniture that is heavier so that it won’t be pushed around by the wind.

Sara Alba, Sales and Service Manager at West Elm in downtown Summerlin, said there is a focus on both indoor and outdoor use in all new build projects.

“We were busy when people came out of quarantine and now they want to spend time outdoors,” she said. “At the same time, I see people moving here from Illinois and California. The people from the east can’t believe how nice our weather is and look forward to being outside. Those from California are familiar with this weather and are rebuilding their former home. “

According to Alba, West Elm’s garden furniture is made from oven-dried wood, which prevents it from flaking and cracking.

“We sell patio furniture all year round,” she said. “Our current display has been outdoors for two years and looks great and is in excellent condition. Most of our stores across the country only display patio furniture as of April, but we display them 365 days a year. “

One of the companies that is expanding its range of indoor and outdoor furniture is Modway. His pieces are designed to be versatile and permanent additions to patios, backyards, and pool decks, as well as living rooms, lounge areas, and playrooms.

The all-weather collection is casual with French piping details and water- and UV-resistant upholstery. This makes it a perfect choice for the garden or common areas of the home.

A unique feature of Modway is its functionality and modular structure. Whether customers are looking for a standalone chair, ottoman, or a U-shaped cut, there are innumerable configurations available to meet their specific needs.

Modern kitchens are also being built in the backyards with more than just grills and appliances. There is furniture and fabrics that companies recreate, like silk and tweed, while people create familiar spaces while their outdoor lives move.

“We sell individual items like umbrellas, rocking chairs with ottomans, pillows, sofas, love seats and even sections,” said Alba. “We also visit houses and suggest ideas for a customer’s garden, terrace, pool or outdoor fireplace. They decide what is best for their outdoor lifestyle or how often they chat or have a barbecue with friends and family.

“People have to ask themselves what kind of outdoor lifestyle they lead and can then choose from one of our terrace collections. We live in a climate where the garden can be used all year round, but how much time is actually spent outside? Is the furniture for actual use or just for appearance? Is there a color scheme? Do you have a portable grill or a built-in one? All of this is taken into account to ensure that the customer is buying what they really need. “

While most indoor / outdoor furniture is still available in earth tones or gray, newer colors like green appear with lighter woods. They add to a colorful and playful scene next to the pool.

Also, more colors are introduced to complement the interior, along with accessories such as clocks, dishes, outdoor carpets, cocktail tables, artificial flowers, heaters and umbrellas that can cover not just the table and chairs but an entire area.

Improvements in weather resistance and the art of design converge to create nicer and more practical outdoor furniture. Products destined for Las Vegas are made of cast aluminum because steel tends to crumble and rust.

The fabrics are solution dyed, which means the color runs completely through the material to slow down the fading process. In addition, manufacturers of garden furniture give a guarantee of up to seven years on products.

Newer homes have large floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding glass doors that look out onto the back yard or patio. This creates a seamless inside-outside and outside, making the back yard a secondary, if not primary, family room. Therefore, it is not that difficult to complement the architectural style of the house indoors with the outdoors.

Even if the garden is small, all a person really needs is several chairs and a table. Additional purchases can be made if the area is to be used for more extensive entertainment or dining purposes.

Research on home sales shows that a well-designed outdoor space can bring in more than 100 percent of the cost of reselling.

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