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How to Write a Witness Statement for a Car Accident

Sep 1

Witnessing a car accident can be an unnerving experience. You might find yourself in the position of having to provide a statement to law enforcement or insurance company and it's important that you are prepared for these events. In this post, we will discuss what you should do if you witness a car accident and why it's important to contact a personal injury lawyer if you've been involved in one. 

Get Witness' Name and Contact Information

Every witness needs to provide their full legal name, as well as a home address and phone number. This way they can be reached if there are any additional questions that need answering about an incident or crime in the future.

Include Who, What, When, and Where of the Car Accident

The witness statement should also include all of the relevant information about who, what, when, and where. It should list any individuals involved in an accident as well as details on vehicles and time that it occurred to be helpful for law enforcement officials.

The witness statement should be very specific about where the accident happened. This may include a particular intersection, a marker on the highway, or an address in Las Vegas if it is local to that area.

The more specific you can be about these things, the better your account will be for authorities to investigate - without eyewitness accounts they have nothing!

Observation of Injuries and Property Damage

Every witness statement should provide information about injuries and property damage. If the witness observed specific injuries or symptoms, this information should be in the report. Even if they did not notice any bodily harm but noticed that a motorist appeared to be hurt, their observations are important for inclusion in the official record of what transpired during an incident. Furthermore, even if witnesses only saw minor damages like cracks on a windshield when someone ran into another vehicle from behind - it is still critical for them to note how bad those defects were so as we can determine whether there was evidence of alcohol intoxication involved at all.

His or Her Perspective About How The Accident Occurred

The witness statement should be informative and professional. The subjective perspective of the accident, in narrative form, will allow for more clarification on what was seen by a single witness with no personal involvement to give their account as truthfully and accurately as possible.

Witness Signature

The witness must sign his or her statement before providing it to attorneys for the motorists involved in the crash, law enforcement officials, and insurance agents. Confidentiality is taken seriously- this means that witnesses should not provide their statements to anyone other than those listed above unless they are given permission by police officers who have witnessed them signing a confidentiality agreement firsthand.

The confidential nature of personal information gathered during an accident will be addressed only if all parties agree beforehand on which party has what rights over said data; otherwise any collected responses can become very confusing when everyone starts accusing one another of misusing sensitive information without a clear understanding as to why such accusations were made at all.