Topgolf Las Vegas has a pleasant sport – or stiff competitors

There have been times in this world when a game is not just a game – it is a broad scenario where the loser is being eaten by a lion. Thankfully, this isn’t one of those crazy movie prerequisites. It’s just a fun few hours with family or friends at Topgolf Las Vegas.

Like its colleagues across the country, Topgolf consists of a large number of bays on four levels, all of which are oriented towards a huge net field and whose goals are spread across the entire area. The views are beautiful during the day, but the Vegas lights are truly impressive at night.

There is an electronic screen in your pen on which your recordings are evaluated. How? Your balls are equipped with microchips. No matter where you land, you will be sure to get the most accurate score possible. Topgolf offers different types of games including one based on the Angry Birds app where your shots act as one of the birds and the goal is to score as many points as possible. There are many games, some like regular golf where accuracy and distance are a factor and others where the points increase as you reach a goal. Each game is clearly stated whether it is more suitable for beginners or whether you have to be practically a professional to excel. The number of games is up to six players, although only four people are allowed per pitch under current restrictions (masks and reservations are required and you can create them on the Topgolf website).

While you’re here, it’s a good thing to fortify yourself and there are some excellent options on a cook-driven menu. The loaded nachos have cheddar, cotija, and queso and all the fixings, plus the option to add smoked chicken or steak. Top golf wings are tossed in traditional buffalo or barbecue sauces or even Asian sesame seeds. A street taco platter will feed everyone in the bay. If you don’t want to share, get burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, salads, or gyros. There are also flatbreads, including the bougie and chicken boursin bacon and salumi, as well as a cauliflower-crusted farmhouse. For dessert, the injectable donut holes may be even more fun than the game: the cinnamon-dusted pastries come with tubes of chocolate sauce, raspberry jelly, or Bavarian cream, and overfilling is always a dangerous, delicious option. Strawberry shortcake and a cast iron biscuit are also perfect options for filling in any gaps left over from your main dishes.

Topgolf offers cocktails with margaritas and Moscow mules, strawberry lemonade and a Topgolf tea with four spirits. There’s also plenty of wine, beer, and even cider to choose from if the stronger stuff isn’t your cup of tea.

Topgolf also has a club changing room, lessons from a professional golfer, and a restaurant and bar (in case you’re not in the mood).

4627 Koval Lane, 702.933.8458

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