Tremendous Bowl Prop betting launched at Las Vegas Sportsbook

In keeping with an annual Las Vegas tradition, Westgate and William Hill Sportsbooks released their extensive Super Bowl LV prop betting menus on Thursday.

William Hill posted 1,218 ways to bet on the game at 2 p.m., and the video wall at Westgate lit up punctually at 7 p.m. with over 1,000 betting options on the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on February 7th.

Westgate sports betting director John Murray said the props accounted for more than 50 percent of his Super Bowl betting handle or amount wagered, and William Hill sports betting director Nick Bogdanovich estimated props 40 to 45 percent of his handle.

More than 90 percent of the people at Westgate were wiseguys, or harsh bettors, who were allowed to bet twice to win up to $ 2,000 each before going to the back of the line to repeat the process.

“They’ll go through the line until they feel the value is gone,” Murray said. “Some of them will go through the line over a dozen times.”

The turnout was lower than in previous years, most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic. A steady stream of about 20 weather ran through the line for an hour. At 9 p.m. the sharp ones were ready.

Some professional sports bettors like Jeff Whitelaw made their own props, betting on the biggest differences between their numbers and the books.

“I try to make my own numbers and then get an idea or a game plan of what I think will happen in the game and try to play in accordance,” he said. “If the Westgate isn’t turned off, I’ll do a piece.

“I’m going to play a few things (Thursday) and I’ll be playing a lot of things on the Saturday and Sunday of the game. The public will be very upset about some things. “

For example, Whitelaw expects the crowds to inflate the quarterbacks’ numbers so he’ll wait until just before the game starts to bet on props with Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

Mahomes’ over-under totals at William Hill are 27 deals, 41 tries and 318½ yards.

Brady’s total is 25½ completions, 39½ attempts and 295½ overtaking places.

Advantages against the public

In general, Sharps put “under” and “no” on props and the public bets “over” and “yes”.

“A lot of the time they’ll be betting on something knowing the public is pushing price the other way and they’re geared towards a big middle,” said Murray. “The only difference this year is that we don’t know exactly how much public action we’re going to get.

“I definitely think that tourism and pedestrian traffic will decrease compared to previous years due to the pandemic.”

Stuck in the middle

Many harsh bettors will also arbitrage or bet on book differences to guarantee a profit, also known as a scalp.

One bettor who wanted to remain anonymous found a scalp on Mahomes’ entire touchdown passes. He bet $ 2,000 to win $ 2,400 on over 2½ at William Hill at +120 and $ 2,310 to win $ 2,100 on under 2½ at Westgate at -110. If it goes down he wins $ 100. When it’s over, he wins $ 90.

Other bettors tried to average the numbers between the books and win both bets.

Professional sports bettor Frank Carulli was at Westgate trying to find funding for his mobile apps.

“You’re digging through a minefield to find a small nugget. But if you find one, it’s a home run, ”he said. “It’s all that comes first. It’s a feeding frenzy for people trying to find these. “

Carulli found a couple of centers including Ronald Jones betting over 34½ rushing yards on Westgate and under 40½ at William Hill; and Darrel Williams over 28 ½ yards on Westgate and under 35 ½ on William Hill.

Cash, Mahomes

For any complex cross-sport prop, Murray said the player who scores the first touchdown will be one of the most popular props.

“One thing that people will be happy to bet on this game is Mahomes, who scores the first touchdown,” said Murray. “He did it against Cleveland (in their playoff game), and he did it in the Super Bowl last year, and we were buried on it. I can already tell you if Mahomes scores the first touchdown we will be killed for it. “

Mahomes is 16-1 on Westgate to score the first touchdown.

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