Tyson Fury speaks 2021, time in Las Vegas

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury left Las Vegas earlier this week. He is now in the Dallas area to support longtime friend Billy Joe Saunders in his super middleweight union bout against Canelo Alvarez at the AT&T Stadium on Saturday.

But Fury has been here for the past month.

Anger was at home.

“Back in Las Vegas, where it belongs … takes over,” said the 6-foot, 9-inch British man who bought a house here on Monday. “I was built to fight here. I was always meant to be a fighter in Las Vegas. “

Fury (30-0-1, 21 KO’s) spoke to the Review Journal Tuesday afternoon after a workout at Top Rank’s gym. The sociable 32-year-old covered a number of topics including his affinity with Las Vegas, his place in heavyweight history, and a possible title shot against united heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Questions and answers have been edited for length and clarity.

RJ: Congratulations on purchasing your home. What about feeling at home in Las Vegas? Why was now the right time to buy a house?

Anger: I’ve fought my last four fights here in the United States. I feel very at home here. I am registered with the largest network in the world, ESPN. Best advertising team in the world, top rank. Best promoter in the world, Bob Arum. I absolutely love it here. Great workout. Great to walk up the mountain. Charleston. Train here in the heat every day in the gym. Just a great place. Prevents me from hurting myself. Helps me maintain a balanced lifestyle.

RJ: The last time you fought here was last February (against Deontay Wilder). Then the world changed a few weeks later. How has your world changed

Anger: My world has changed because I couldn’t fight (again) in 2020, but otherwise I was fine. I trained and stayed active. Exercise three or four times a day. Stay healthy. Stay fit. Spend time with the family. Grilling. It was good for me. I had a very good 2020. I trained every day.

RJ: Were you disappointed that you couldn’t fight anymore in 2020?

Anger: I think everyone was disappointed. Was i disappointed? That’s an understatement.

RJ: What were your goals and plans for 2021?

Anger: I wanted to fight. I still want to fight. I still don’t have a fight. I am in the balance. But, you know what? I am in a good place. I work out. I am a happy fighter. I am a healthy fighter.

RJ: If it were up to you, when would you next fight?

Anger: Saturday night.

RJ: Where is it with joshua?

Anger: I do not know. No comment. I dont know. I’m just a top boxer. I do not know anything.

RJ: You haven’t fought in almost 15 months. How do you feel like you have improved since your last fight?

Anger: I’m at the top of my game. Ready to fight. Ready to rock and roll. I am the best fighter that ever lived. There was no one like me. Never come closer Never. You can’t name one. Me and I cannot be a historian in this game either. I know every heavyweight that dates back to John L. Sullivan and beyond. Even before him. I’m going back to the beginning of this sport. And there has never been a heavyweight like me in this game. Ever. Not one.

RJ: Why this?

Anger: There has never been a 6-foot-9 heavyweight over 270 pounds who can move and box and slide and slide like me. There has never been a Briton who has come to America who has shattered the landscape in this sport. And talk like that and act like that and fulfill everything I’ve ever said. I shouldn’t be able to move like me. I dont know. God made me very, very unique and no one has ever come near. The next person who ever came to me was Muhammad Ali, and he was like 210 pounds and 6-foot-2, 6-foot-3. That’s small for today. There has never been anyone like me.

RJ: What do you think of the heavyweight division landscape at the time?

Anger: We’re in a tough situation with the heavyweight division. There are more heavyweights and comers and champions than in a long time. At the moment really in a fireplace, with an absolute light year leading the way.

RJ: Will you be the undisputed champion by the end of the year?

Anger: I’ve taken all of the belts. The belts mean absolute (expletive) for the gypsy king. I am way above it all.

RJ: What do you mean the most?

Anger: Win. Everything in my path must be destroyed. Nobody can make it over the distance.

RJ: Who’s next? Joshua?

Anger: Whoever. Whoever wants to put them in front of the Gypsy King, I’ll mow in a spectacular way.

RJ: What do you think of the Saturday matchup between Saunders and Alvarez? Why can Saunders (30-0, 14 KOs) beat Alvarez (55-1-2, 37 KOs)?

Anger: I know what Billy Joe can do. The rest of the world doesn’t. I don’t think the world has seen how good Billy Joe Saunders can box. He never really had the tough dance partner to really get out of his skin. Me and Billy Joe are pretty much alike. We box accordingly to the opponents in front of us. With a superstar in front of us, we will face the opportunity and win. It’s all about winning and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Canelo lost once before. He knows what it’s like to lose. Billy Joe was never really pushed enough to face the opportunity. This is his moment in the sun.

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