Vegas wedding bells ring as business picks up – Las Vegas, Nevada

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – When the pandemic hit, the Vegas wedding, like everything else, was put on hold. Fortunately, however, locals in the industry say the wedding bell is ringing again. 13 Action News Reporter Joe Bartels Says Happy Couples Meet In Vegas. , You can eat wedding cakes and wedding cakes there.

It’s crazy

“If you picked up a bottle of Coke and just shook it during a pandemic, you seem to have let go of the cap … it’s insane. The wedding industry is now exploding. “Growing up,” says Veronica Markovsky, about creative bridal wear.

She says the pandemic was scary. She didn’t know if her small business would be successful. But as things return to normal, she admits she’s struggling to keep up with demand.

High demand

“You called me a day ago. I just booked the chapel and need to get everything ready. Can you recommend hair and make-up, can you recommend flowers, I know the limo company. Do you have … when you have the next step you will be ready very quickly, “says Markowsky.

Someone like Jim and Brit from New York. Happy couples are visiting Las Vegas for the first time.

Let’s get married

“He told me to go to Las Vegas on your birthday and I said, a few weeks after I talked about it, he told me. Let’s get married! And am I serious about you “Says Brit Ferguson.

Her fiancé Jim says it makes sense to walk down the aisle while visiting.


“It’s just a good time. You can have a good time. I like to play poker. She likes slot machines, ”says Jim O’Riley. “It is as if the light fascinates me. I am fascinated by the actions. The number of people on the street, what you see on the street, ”says Ferguson.

Jim and Brit get married in the flower chapel. Here couples say “I’ll do” in all five places.

Occupy yourself

“We’re busy and a lot of our weekend appointments are filled with reservations … weekend hours are available, but they will fill up soon,” said Jose Alonzo, sales director. Specified.

He says the couple want to make up for lost time and get married soon.

“We can do that in two or a week. That length of time has definitely been shortened which gives them more speed and multitasking to make those dreams come true. But it is definitely doable. “Alonzo.

Surprised by change

He says he will comply with their demands. However, couples are surprised by some changes, such as food prices.

“I had to change a certain menu. When it comes to restaurants, I work with many providers. I had to change the menu to stay inexpensive. Specific just because it’s popular. We had to change that. The price is going up, ”says Alonzo.

Marriage area

Chapel of the Flowers and Creative Bridal Wear say that not only are people outside of town married, but locals as well. The bride and groom know that anything you can imagine is possible in Sin City, wherever you are.

“I think a lot of people now know what Vegas wants. You can schedule photos, flowers, dresses, hair and makeup at the touch of a button. Come here. Bring your marriage certificate. Please go, ”says Markovsky.

Important thing

It’s the experience of Jim and Brit. Jim says the pandemic has it all in mind.

“Thanks to COVID, I realized something really important … so let’s get married,” said Jim.

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