When to put on a masks in a Las Vegas or Henderson restaurant or bar

In Governor Steve Sisolak’s new mandatory mask policy, restaurants ask how it applies to customers and how the policy is enforced by local law enforcement agencies.

For customers, the Nevada Restaurant Association says diners can remove their masks as soon as they sit down at a table that enforces six feet of social distancing. Guests can keep their masks off throughout the meal. However, masks are required when customers walk to the table to sit down, stand up to use the toilet, or when they go out.

Before Sisolak’s new policy came into effect on June 26, only employees were required to wear a mask.

When Sisolak announced the new policy last Wednesday, he said those who fail to follow it could be cited or face civil penalties. But law enforcement agencies across Clark County say their officials will alert of the need to wear masks instead.

Las Vegas Police Spokeswoman Alejandra Zambrano told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that restaurants and bars that fail to adhere to face coverage guidelines are the responsibility of the Las Vegas and Clark Counties business licensing offices. Henderson and North Las Vegas will promote and educate the use of masks.

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