Younger bat loses $ 800Ok in Las Vegas

Young Thug sounds defeated after losing $ 800,000 at the casino.

Even bosses take an L from time to time. For Atlanta rapper Young Thug, this happened this weekend after his last trip to one of the many Las Vegas casinos and telling the world about the exorbitant amount of money he had lost.

It’s not uncommon for rappers to be a little irresponsible with their money, especially in Vegas, but Young Thug may have just hit a new low in his gambling career. While he has proven quite successful in the past in the past, winning big at last year’s Super Bowl, the YSL Records chief honcho lost a lot of money over the weekend, bet enough money away to buy a house and lose it all .

“Man, Vegas just won $ 800,000 from me, man,” Thugger said on Instagram, obviously annoyed by how ruthless he was. While many people point out that $ 800,000 isn’t that much money for Young Thug, you can tell from his tone that he knows that working so hard at the casino was probably not the best move. In the end, that money adds up even for a multimillionaire with Thug’s wealth.

The rapper recently teased the arrival of his upcoming compilation mixtape from YSL Records, Slime Language 2. The project was supposed to be discontinued last year, but after several release dates fell through the cracks it looks like it will be in the coming weeks.

Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

What’s the most money you’ve ever lost gambling?

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